Documentation of the unpublished artefacts in museums

My first project was aimed at a documentation of unpublished ancient Egyptian copper finds.  It was impossible to document everything, I have focused on the objects from the Egyptian prehistory until the end of Middle Kingdom.

The reason for project was that not all publications provided sufficient data on the finds. I needed to see them and compare to what I have already seen. Expertise in archaeology is slowly being built by examining artefacts on which you specialize.

The funding enable me to document objects in the museum collections in Austria, France, Germany, Poland, United Kingdom and United States, more specifically e.g. in the British Museum, Louvre and the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston MA (complete list see below).

When writing down the final output of the project, it was necessary to included only the most complete material gathered. Such was the case for the Old Kingdom, Dynasties 4 to 6 . The book was published in 2016.  It is the first monograph ever written on the Old Kingdom copper tools and model tools.

Project details

Title: Ancient Egyptian copper objects up to the end of Middle Kingdom

Funding: Grant Agency of the Charles University, project no. 526 112

Duration: 2012-2014

Visited institutions: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; Roemer-Pelizaeus Museum Hildesheim; Ägyptisches Museum – Georg Steindorff – der Universität Leipzig; The British Museum, London; Petrie Museum, University College London; The Ashmolean Museum Oxford; Louvre, Paris; Muzeum narodowe, Warszawa; Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien